ChocoVille: More Than Just Chocolate

Written By ChocoVille PR

20 Sep, 2021

For chocolate enthusiasts looking for a new experience, we decided to take you on a delicious visit to ChocoVille and introduce you to its first-of-its kind menu filled with new and exciting savory dishes made from the finest ingredients and the most premium chocolate in the world.

The word “ChocoVille” is of French origins, and its logo is inspired by different sizes of chocolate bars to spread happiness among people, which is also our aim when customers step into our resto-café located in The Mall, where they feel the warm colors dominating the place evoking feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy, especially with the friendly staff welcoming them by the entrance with a warm smile.

ChocoVille’s menu features new signature platters which are freshly made daily in-house, starting with appetizers such as the Dynamite Shrimps, in addition to the main dishes like pastas, burgers and pizzas, without forgetting our sweets section where we introduced several unique platters such as ChocoVille brownies with two more flavors Rocher and Lotus, Mango Kunafa, Nutella Fudge, Spacetoon Tiramisu and much more.

In addition to the platters mentioned above, ChocoVille also offers their valued customers a variety of hot and cold drinks that include Nutella, Oreo Milkshake, natural juices, as well as coffees.

At ChocoVille, we constantly strive to ensure our customers have an unforgettable experience, especially in the use of the finest ingredients in food and desserts cooked by the most talented chefs who follow international standards in preparing our delicious dishes.



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