Here Are 8 Fun Spots for Your Kids to Go to During Eid at the Avenues!


19 Apr, 2023

Looking for fun spots to take your children on break? Want to come to The Avenues but also want your kids to have fun? We got you covered. The Avenues Insider team has created a list of places that we know your kids will LOVE. 

These aren't the only spots, click here for more options!

Fun Zone Park

The recently opened Fun Zone Park is a spot you cannot, and should not, miss out on. With its largest branch in The Avenues, the spacious entertainment spot will ensure that you and your kids will have the best time together!

You'll find the latest video games, indoor carnival games, giant trampolines, as well as the largest soft play area for your little ones - so if you have kids, run to Fun Zone Park!

Location: The Forum - Lower Ground Floor


From jumping and running to skating and climbing, your kids will experience a journey of fun adventures at SuperPark, which offers fun competitions and challenges.

You can leave your kids from ages 5 to 10 years old unsupervised, as for kids under the age of 5, they are allowed to be accompanied by a guardian for free.

Location: The Mall – 1st Floor 

Escape Land

If you’re looking for a new entertainment experience for your kids, look no further than Escape Land! A real-life escape game, you can either join your kids or send them with their friends to play together; the whole point is to successfully communicate as a team and work together to be able to escape on time.

Location: Grand Avenue – 1st Floor  

Put Up

You know what’s better than having fun? Having fun and learning at the same time!

Put Up’s classes offers a unique and challenging atmosphere for kids where they’ll play, learn, and build with LEGO Bricks. In a non-competitive environment, the program provides a safe, relaxed learning space where self-expression is encouraged and celebrated!

Location: Grand Avenue – 1st Floor 



Kids are known to love art, as they have fun unleashing their creativity!
At ‘the happiness store’, your children will enjoy coloring on ceramics and tie-dye, playing with slime, creating accessories, making wax, drawing on faces, and temporary tattoos, all in the midst of a fun atmosphere at Artistoo!

Location: The Forum – Lower Ground Floor

Happy Town

A store specializing in kids' entertainment; ‘Happy Town’ recently opened its doors at The Avenues to its younger visitors. Offering magic and doll shows, parents can leave their children while their kids are having fun.

Location: Grand Avenue- 1st Floor 

VR Mania

Immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality with VR MANIA! A fun experience for adults and children alike, you’ll get introduced to over 30 exciting and thrilling adventures.

Get ready to challenge your fears and experience that adrenaline rush with fun games such as roller coasters, flying, car racing, laser tag, and many others that will keep you and your children on their toes!

Location: The Forum – Lower Ground Floor  


Kidztopia has been a kids' favorite since its opening. Promising an unforgettable experience, kids will be able to enjoy and choose from games such as wall climbing, a trampoline, a rope course, and drawing.

In addition to all the games, you can also find a toy store that kids can buy from once they’re done playing.

Location: The Forum – Lower Ground Floor  


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