Ultimate Gifts from Alo Your Loved Ones Will Love!

Written By The Avenues Insider

15 Aug, 2023

Getting your loved one gifts can be tricky, it needs to be practical, thoughtful, and most importantly, it needs to be a gift that you know they’ll love.

We decided to pick our gift suggestions from one of our absolute favorite stores, Alo Yoga. The best part? Your loved one does not need to be a yogi to love these gifts! 

The Cutest Gym Fit

Other than the gorgeous iced green tea color that will suit all skin tones, their Alosoft Crop Finesse Short Sleeve and 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging are made to lift and sculpt as well as designed to flatter every size. We just know that this fit will be a staple in your loved one’s wardrobe for sure! 

Yoga Equipment

If your loved one is someone who enjoys yoga, then these gifts are perfect for them! Alo provides all the necessary yoga equipment in the cutest colors such as their Bend It Yoga Wheel which is essential for stretching and relieves tension! 

The Homebody

We all know someone who’d rather stay home, and that’s why we know they’ll love these super-duper comfortable sets. They're luxe, buttery, and made of breathable material - so perfect for your lazy days or better, your at-home pamper weekends! 

The Social Butterfly

They most likely love going out, dressing up, and if we had to guess… they’re probably pretty trendy! For that loved one, we love the mid-rise showdown trousers from their new collection paired with their ribbed sweetheart short sleeve for an effortlessly cool look.  


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