Written By Versace PR

20 Sep, 2021

“I think there’s a renewed sense of optimism right now and I wanted this collection to speak to that. This season is about having fun with fashion again and it feels right to put something positive into the world. We will never return to the old world or to the old “normal”, there’s no going backwards. This is what the new now looks like to me.” Donatella Versace

The Versace Resort 2022 Collection is a hit of optimism. Medusa has indulged in psychedelics, travelled to a trippy world of color and pattern and emerged on the other side distorted but exuberant.

Textures clash together and are made from opposing components of fringe finishes, slick latex, lurex jacquard, tweed and leather. Metal chains from La Medusa handbags are woven in and out of the pieces as a hard, three-dimensional trim. These materials provide a feel-good buzz, and finishes are left imperfect and distressed.