Why Don’t Men Go to the Doctor?

We asked men to give us the reasons.

Written By The Avenues Insider

17 Nov, 2021

It’s a common stereotype that men don’t go see doctors to check about their health as often as they should, and rather wait until they feel severe symptoms. Unfortunately, that stereotype is true and is putting many men’s lives at risk.

To find out more about why men don’t go to the doctor for checkups, The Avenues Insider decided to ask a number of men the reason behind them not going to the doctor often. Do men simply don’t care or are there underlying reasons that prevent them from going? Here are the responses we got: 

I Feel Fine, Why Should I Get Checked?

“It’s the culture. Back then, a man’s masculinity would be questioned if he showed signs of pain and went to the doctor”, said Ahmed AbuDorra. The majority of men, and especially those who have a traditional definition of masculinity, were most likely taught not to act soft and get checked every time they felt something wrong, consequently, they would only get checked if they felt seriously ill.

I’m Not Informed Enough to Trust the Results

“Why don’t you tell us what we should do? Are the test results (especially those advertised as deals) accurate and from proper labs? Which labs are recognized here in Kuwait? And what do we even need to get checked, other than diabetes and kidney functions?” said Yasser Mostafa.

We found that a large number of men expressed concerns about the accuracy of the validity of the tests and that they were not informed enough and would use that as an excuse to avoid getting checked.


What if I Find Something?

“Basically, we’re scared of getting into the vicious cycle of getting checked and potentially finding something wrong, it’s a headache.”, said Sameh Monier. Many men have agreed that in addition to the other reasons, men are actually scared of the diagnosis and its consequences. “Saying that we don’t have time and have other priorities would be us fooling ourselves, the fact of the matter is we’ve been raised that way, and we’re scared to find out that there is something wrong with us, and that’s why we don’t get regularly checked.” Explained Amr Alaa. 

It’s Too Expensive, I’d Rather Spend That on My Family

One of the men we asked, Alsayed Ismael, said “A full checkup costs anywhere from 50 to 75 KWD, and that’s just not an amount many could afford to pay on a regular basis.” A majority agreed that the cost of getting checked is too expensive and that men have too many responsibilities, especially married men, so they prioritize these costs for their families and neglect their own health in the process.


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