8 Activities for Your Kids to Do at the Avenues During Winter Break

Written By The Avenues Insider

12 Dec, 2021

It’s finally winter, and in addition to the beautiful weather, it also means that it’s winter break for kids at school! Which is a great time for your children to take some time off of schoolwork and enjoy their break.

If you’re wondering where to take your kids, we can help you. Did you know The Avenues has numerous activities for our younger visitors? From watching their favorite movies and ice skating to cooking their own meals and reading, there’s something for everyone! The Avenues Insider has come up with a list of fun activities to keep your kids entertained during their break. 

Watch your favorite movies at Cinescape and VOX Cinema

Going to the movies never gets boring for adults, let alone kids! Let them watch their favorite movies available at Cinescape and VOX Cinema. For the young visitors, VOX’s Cinema offers theaters made especially for your kids to enjoy!

VOX Cinema is located on the first floor in Grand Plaza.

Cinescape is located on the first floor in 1st Avenue, next to IKEA. 

Play your heart out at Magic Planet and TEKZONE

Show your kids the BEST time at The Avenues by visiting TEKZONE and Magic Planet, which offer a range of popular and fun games such as air hockey, escape rooms, bowling, and virtual reality games! There is something for everyone, both for parents and kids to enjoy together. Trust us, your kids will want to stay there all day!

Magic Planet is located in 2nd Avenue.

TekZone is located on the lower floor in Forum. 

Test your athleticism at QUEST

Allow your kids to experience a different type of fun at QUEST, a thrilling arena-based entertainment experience for all the family, where players are tested for their athletic abilities through games that encourage healthy competition and collaboration with friends and family.

QUEST is located on the first floor in The Mall. 

Act out different roles at KidZania

Does your kid want to be an actor? A singer? A police officer? A doctor? They can at KidZania! With a blend of entertainment and education, this city is designed for kids to explore their passions and develop their life skills. KidZania operates like a real city with buildings, streets, and famous stores in an experience your kids will never forget!

KidZania is located on the first floor in The Mall.


Go ice-skating at Below Zero

Since it’s officially winter now, why not take them ice-skating in Below Zero? Whether they’re beginners or pros, they are sure to enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience.

Below Zero also provides your kids the opportunity to join their ice-skating Academy to learn the basics, until you become an ice-skating pro!

Below Zero is located downstairs in Forum.

Unleash your creative with Kdooz Kids Club

If your children enjoy art, they’ll definitely have fun at Kdooz! From drawing and coloring to fun activities and gymnastics, Kdooz Kids Club will take care of your kids and make sure they have the best time while you enjoy your shopping and time at The Avenues.

Kdooz Kids Club is located on the first floor in Grand Avenue. 

Become the chef at Pizza Express

Did you know that in Pizza Express, kids can cook their pizza AND eat it too? Available only on weekdays, take your kids to any of their two branches and have them test their cooking skills for a fun time.

Pizza Express is located in Galleria and the first floor of 1st Avenue. 

Reading a book at AFAAQ Bookstore and ThatAlSalasil

Having fun isn’t only about physical activities and games, kids may also enjoy reading books in AFAAQ Bookstore and ThatAlSalasil where they’ll find a wide range of books to read from! The bookstores also have cozy seating areas where your children could quietly enjoy their reading activity.


AFAAQ Bookstore is located in SoKu.

ThatAlSalasil is located on the first floor in 2nd Avenue. 


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